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I am in love with the world + its people + quietness + sounds + myself + the opportunity I have to create + my friends + softness + the sky 

20:39 m-i-s-o:

Miso : Home-Made Tattoos : twin flowers for Milly : Melbourne 2014.
20:38 thedownlowe:

Juliette Hogan Autumn/Winter 2014.
Photo: James K Lowe.
ph. Luigi & Iango
08:42"I’m tired and all I want is for you to be here with me." — T.B. LaBerge // The Novel of Us (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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Today has been unexpectedly peaceful and blissful; I bought a couple of magazines, a beautiful notepad, billy holiday and aretha franklin records, picking up some shampoo at a beautiful aesop store and visited my favourite health food store for groceries. I’m currently listening to the scratchy billy holiday record, cooking lentils to eat on toast with a beautiful avocado, drinking tea and enjoying the sunlight coming through the kitchen window. Recently, I’ve been happier with each passing day